Eurovision 2021

After a year off, which is more of a shame because there were some excellent songs in 2020 (I’ll put my favourites up later), Eurovision is back this week. The Semi Finals start Tuesday.

In what is a somewhat mixed year I wanted to share four of my favourites in no particular order. I try and keep away from Spoilers and betting odds so I have no preconceptions on what will do well.

SWITZERLANDSong: Tout l’Univers – Artist: Gjon’s Tears

Returning from last year with a new song, I do love this second effort, although I slightly prefer Répondez-moi from last year. With two great songs for both entries though (an accomplishment not every returning artist managed) I’d say he is one to watch.

GREECE – Song: Last Dance – Artist: Stefania

Not as sophisticated as Switzerland and basically general Eurovision pop, this is still at the very good end of the scale and a vast improvement on last year. As much as there isn’t much substance to this, it’s a great pop song.

ICELAND – Song: 10 Years – Artist: Daði & Gagnamagnið

They had a very good chance of winning it last year, as I love nearly everything about Iceland I was disappointed they didn’t get their first victory. This is not quite as good as Think About Things but I’d still be very happy if they won.

UKRAINE – Song: Shum – Artist: Go_A

I did not get on with their song last year so was surprised by how much I love this. The below is a longer, and far better, edit than the three minute version allowed at the contest, although that is also well worth listening to. It’s very different from what some of the general public expect at Eurovision and this is a good thing.

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