Country Rolling (August 1995)

I bought both eventually (I was Generation Britpop) but in the week that mattered you could only buy one.

Everyone was talking about it. Summer 1995 and, for me and a lot of people at the time, this was important. The two biggest Britpop bands were in battle. On August the 14th of that year Blur and Oasis released a new single, both to lead in to a new album release (although the albums would be a few weeks apart and Oasis had already released Some Might Say as a single earlier that year). Despite massive things happening in the world this was also important, to a generation at least; who would sell the most? Who would be Number One? Country House by Blur or Roll With It by Oasis became a national dividing line. As a teenager at the time I was having arguments with friends and conversations with strangers over this issue. The Question “Which one did you buy?” was the first thing you asked when meeting someone that week. Good times.

I was Team Country House all the way, I still feel it is a far better song. Who won? Blur did! It was nice to be on the winning side. But what would you have “voted” for?

Song: Country House – Artist: Blur

Song: Roll With It – Artist: Oasis

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